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ArteArreda - custom made furnitures

ArteArreda - custom made furnituresThe art which furnishes

In 1996, in a small traditional laboratory in the heart of Tuscany, borns the trademark "Artearreda". Its founder, Andrea Giomi, plans, designs and fulfils each product.
Our furniture are built with care and artistic flair through an all-handmade manufacturing. Proficient hands knead high-quality materials to produce unique models, with an innovative design. Because just the art must furnish..


ArteArreda logo

Quality in mind

Each step of the workflow is hand-made, paying attention to details.

Workflow - Wood selection

Wood selection

We make an accurate selection of materials and choose only high-quality wood depending on the tipology of each project.

Workflow - Planing


If need be, planning is hand-made: we touch the heart of the wood.

Workflow - Carving and manifacturing

Carving and manifacturing

Squaring, assembling and polishing, to the carving: our products are completely hand-made and unique.

Workflow - Painting


Painting is a main strenght of ArteArreda. We apply with brush only eco-friendly paints to give our products vintage or modern effects.


ArteArreda - Seal of quality
Wood selection: Fir wood

Fir wood

Many people considerfir a poor wood, but for us its grains and knots make ambience more homely or, after brushing, more "country".

Wood selection: Ash wood

Ash wood

Because of its lively grains ash wood is usually used in youth ambience. Thanks to its steadiness ash wood is suitable for high-quality and long-lasting furniture.

Wood selection: Poplar wood

Poplar wood

Poplar wood is synonym of environmental conservation. Its uniform grain cives every product a classical style.

Wood selection: Oak wood

Oak wood

Because of its grain, oak wood is eidely used for modern style. Thanks to its steadyness oak eood is suitable for long-lasting furniture.

Wood selection: Chestnut wood

Chestnut wood

Chestnut wood is suitable for every style and unique for its clean and elegant grain.

Wood selection: Beech wood

Beech wood

Beech wood is very solid and resistant. Thanks to this feature is excellent to realise structural elementa like for instance table legs.

ArteArreda - custom made furnituresThe quality of our wood

We accurately select the finest wood and choose only first-class wood, depending on the tipology of each project.
We absolutely reject veneering and use exclusively eco-friendly paints. Finishing is accurate in every detail, even with beeswax. Poor art is live art..


Dubai collection

White merges with gold

A rich, charming, elegant. Ollection, with gentle shapes, precious carving, hand-made twist of natural ropes enhanced with gold ones. This collection is unique for its aspectand shapes.

Dubai collection - chair Dubai collection - table Dubai collection - sofa

Nerone collection

Majestoc shapes, unique design

Nerone collection takes inspiration from imperial styles, majestic and elegant shapes, modernised with hand-made twists realised with Pvc coloured tubes.

Nerone collection - dormuse Nerone collection - sofa Nerone collection - pouff

Mirò collection

Shapes and colours

Lively shapes and bright colours give life toan ideal collection for outdoor and for that people who look for something new with an original design.

Mirò collection - chair Mirò collection - chair Mirò collection - chair

Michelangelo collection

Art in frame

This collection is one-of-a-kind, it represents the art in frame. Wardrobes, dressers, beside tables and then some belong to this collection... and you can add a personal frame.

Michelangelo collection - wardrobe Michelangelo collection - dresser Michelangelo collection - bedside table

Canova collection

Dolce antico in Sixties style

From white marble sculptures takes shape the sixties monobloc kitchen, dedicated to the great master Canova.

Its distinctive trait is the central part, realisedwith mirror glass mosaics, which remind the Sixties.

Canova collection - dinette set

Industrial collection

Planks take life

From the ancient industrial planks take shape sofas and armchairs, unique for their design and adorned with steel studs, ideal for refined outdoor ambiences.

Industrial collection - fauteuil Industrial collection - sofa

Camelia collection

The furniture blossoms

Petal flowers give life to a soft and light design creating unique and unmistakable objects.

Camelia collection - washbasin

Cantiere collection

Lead and old tough fir

This collection takes inspiration from the idea of buoldind sites through the employment of old planks, used for cement pourings. The outcome is a tough and resistant style with the hand-made finish in lead.

Cantiere collection - tv table Cantiere collection - coffee table Cantiere collection - table